Harrogate 1 – 5 Holmfirth Saturday 1st April

On the extra boards it was 2-2. So, what did we learn? Starting out in competitive chess is tough. You have to train yourself to slow down and to fully look at the game. Our veteran juniors, Jacob and Awen, demonstrated this slow play and showed the stamina to last the pace.

We have an amazing bunch of junior players that will get stronger and the future looks very bright. The more experience the new players get, the better they will be.

This finishes the season in the Yorkshire League Silver Rook Division 3 competition, with a bye in the final round. What do the stats tell us?

  • We have fielded 16 players this season, including nine juniors
  • The player with the higher performance rating is myself at 2023 (only played two games though)
  • Jacob has played the most matches (7) winning 4.5 out of 7 and a 64.29% win ratio. He is also our most improved player, with his grade rising from 1307 in September to 1461 in April.
  • Harley has the best win ratio with 3.5 games out of 4 at 87.5%. Note I am not including those who have only played one match in this!
  • Awen’s performance rating is well above his grade at 1664

Holmfirth | ECF League Management System (ecflms.org.uk)

In total we have come out of the season with some battle hardened junior and adult players. Whilst many of us adults are becalmed with our grading, the is a strong increase from many juniors and they are starting to move passed us. Promotion is a definite prospect for next season.

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