The Keddie Cup 2023

Wednesday 13th December saw the completion of the David Keddie Cup, at Holmfirth Chess Club. With teams of three and two rapidplay games during an evening, the Cup was held over four nights and finishing as near to David Birthday (15th December) as we could get it.

The Cup is held in memory of David Keddie, one of the original players that helped us set up the Club in a small room in the Farmer’s Arms in 2019. David came over from Huddersfield with myself and his son Sean as we created the new Holmfrth Club. We are both local to the Town.  

As well as a massive chess enthusiast, David was a keen attendee at the Holy Trinity Church at Holmfirth. He sadly died from cancer in 2022.

For the Keddie Cup, match nights were full, often running at 30 players at our home ground of The Stumble Inn. 41 players took part, including 11 juniors from the club. Players from Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Belgrave (Halifax) and Honley all joined in.

Much to our delight and consternation (as we may have trained them too well), our all-junior team ‘The Smothered Mates’ won the competition, with Isaac Fossey and Alex Burke demolishing all opposition. The winning team was put together by Jacob Westmoreland, who with a degree of cunning realised just how strong at rapid Alex and Isaac are and immediately grabbed them for the team before anyone else.

The boys were presented with a new Trophy, kindly provided by David’s family.

The event was an amazing tribute and legacy to David. He would have been delighted to see all the people playing and especially the juniors. He helped us start a tiny chess club, which grew into something truly special.

The Keddie Cup will return in 2024.

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