Woven Together

Olivia and Tom talk to parents and Children at the IGS Junior Rapidplay

Young Enterprise works with both business and education to support young people in gaining life and business skills. Four students from Huddersfield New College have used this to not only develop a new business but provide wider community support on a subject they are passionate about. This includes within the world of chess.

‘I have joined this young enterprise because I want to help make that difference in helping someone’s mental health, I want them to know it’s okay to talk.’ Charlie Crampton

Can we talk about mental health? It feels very awkward writing these words.

1 in 4 people are said to experience a mental health problem each year. Over someone’s lifetime 1 in 5 have suicidal thoughts, with 1 in 14 self-harming and 1 in 15 attempting suicide. I know people in the wider chess world who suffer and sadly some who are no longer with us.

There is help though and there can be simple solutions through reaching out and just talking. Going back to an earlier sentence ‘It feels very awkward writing these words’. It shouldn’t.

‘I joined young enterprise because I believe that it’s okay to struggle with mental health and it should be talked about and not pushed aside.’ Ella Battye

Woven Together is an initiative put together by four students at New College Huddersfield as a part of Young Enterprise. The team comprises of Olivia Westmoreland, Thomas Waddington, Charlie Crampton and Ella Battye.

‘I joined young enterprise as I wanted to make a difference in my local community so people wouldn’t feel like their problems and issues were something to hide away from those around’ Thomas Waddington

Their mission is to make mental health a more comfortable and accepting subject to talk about. They are visiting Chess events in West Yorkshire to promote these aims and provide bespoke clothing.

‘I do this to try and prompt that initial first conversation about wellbeing in the household and friend circle. I enjoy speaking to different people, trying to encourage understanding in both younger and older people, that no problem is too small to speak about.’ Olivia Westmoreland

Their first chess event was at the Ilkley Grammar School Junior Rapidplay on the 28th April. Olivia, Tom and Ellis spoke to adults and children, providing sweets, stickers and learning exercises. Juniors and adults answered questions and gave opinions.

‘It was interesting to see the different views and advice people wrote down around mental health. Everyone helps their mental health differently; no person deals with life the same. Therefore, we hope encouraging people to share their experiences, advice and views will have made a positive impact on someone’s life, however small or big.’ Olivia Westmoreland

The team will be back for the Ilkley Congress and Yorkshire Blitz. Please come and say hello and check in on a friend. Start that initial conversation. #TakeaTshirtStartTalking

To support this small business please follow their Instagram account. @woventogetherclothingbrand

Jacob between tournament rounds, helping out with his sister.

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